Versatile Pink-Blue Big Scarf
Versatile Pink-Blue Big Scarf
Versatile Pink-Blue Big Scarf
Versatile Pink-Blue Big Scarf

Versatile Pink-Blue Big Scarf

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Pink-Blue Big Scarf

Produced in silk or modal, Bainha scarves are our special tribute to Portuguese master tile work. We’ve taken this immediately recognizable art, and created a product line that inspires European beauty and elegance.



As our next chapter in keeping with traditional Portuguese “Azulejaria” (tile making), we brought to light the ability to combine an artistic treasure and ancient heritage, with a contemporary sense of style. To bring an even greater life to our patterns, many of our garments have a symbol which will lead you to where the original tiles are. Follow the heart to see what you’re wearing.


Find it here:

1. Rua do Regedor / Rua Marquês Ponte de Lima


100% Modal

It is a fibre 100% composed of chlorine-free treated cellulose. Its main selling points are that it remains soft even after many washes; its excellent ability to let the skin breathe, its lightness and the brightly and silky coloured finish.


100% Silk

It is a natural fibre obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. It is one of the most expensive raw materials due to the time it takes to be produced, because it follows the life cycle of caterpillars. The way it is produced was once a state secret in China. It is known for its lightness, softness and brilliant colours.


Care Instructions

Silk: Hand wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry in the shade. Iron at a low temperature

Modal: Wash at or below 30ºC. Do not bleach. Do not spin-dry. Do not tumble dry. Iron at a low temperature


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