Corporate Design

At Bainha de Copas, we enthusiastically work on custom-made products for individuals or events. On a case-by-case basis, we look at special projects for a match between our brand and details of the task at hand. We have taken on work for single performances and multi-day events. Read below for more information.


CORPORATE DESIGN | Our Corporate Design service focuses on special pieces for companies and also private individuals.

A stage to the world.
Here, we created a skirt for Mariza’s opening ceremony performance at the UEFA Champions League Final in 2014. The event, watched by 400,000,000 people, was a project we undertook with intense dedication.
We first had to imagine how we wanted the skirt’s silhouette, colors, and pattern to appear. To do that correctly, we considered the size of the stadium, the size of the pitch and the boldest colors in Mariza's surroundings.
Then we had to keep in mind the amount of people that would be next to her, and the colors they would wear.
Finally, we had to choose a fabric with enough structure to hold a strong shape, yet flow just enough during the performance.
The task was heralded as a great success, and we were very pleased to have had our work seen by millions in an event that made Portuguese history.
Our Corporate Design service works with businesses and organizations which are planning an event or project. Our service frequently develops custom made products for hotels, museums, foundations, and other groups to enhance their occasion. We are happy to use our skills to create something memorable. 
A surprise for Michelin Star Chefs. Here, we created a collection for Vila Joya, a boutique resort in southern Portugal. They hosted an event with more than 50 Michelin star chefs from all over Europe, and we were asked to create individualized aprons for each of them. To do this, we asked each one to give us some sort of inspiration that lead them to where they are now. Some used old photographs, others had a special memory, and a few even gave us drawings they made as children that were special to them. With that, we created something memorable. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Vila Joya and their wonderful team. 

Photos: Stills, Vasco Celio 

How do you say "dress a doll" in Japanese? Miss Jappa.

What about dressing a doll inspired by Tokyo street style, more Shibuya than Harajuku? Miss Jappa is a "born in translation" restaurant, menu by Chef Anna Lins, in the heart of Príncipe Real (Lisbon) district. The girl in the wooden swing was dressed by Bainha de Copas, in creative collaboration with Diogo Martorell, one of the owners.

Photos: Casal Mistério

A tribute to master craftsmen and artists | FRESS - Fine Arts Foundation

In July of 2014, the Fundação Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva’s (FRESS) asked Bainha de Copas to interpret the foundations Fine Arts.
We proudly took on the great work of promoting the 62 year old institution which houses master craftsmen and artists.
In May of 2015 the first collection of clothing and accessories was presented, as well as a photography exhibition with the Masters and the Apprentices. It pays specific tribute to 3 of the 18 arts practiced there; bookbinding, gold beating, and trimming. 

Photographer: Luís Mileu (Masters & Apprentices; Fress's working space and materials). Interviews: Ana Gabriela Pereira. Fress's working space and materials: photography by Ana Grangeia Neves. Liliana Moreira (photography assistent). Design: Ana Rita Lança. “FRESS” Collection Image Idea: Jorge Trindade and Ricardo Henriques. Special thanks: FRESS. DXL Models. ETIC. Lookbook | Photographer: Rui Vieira. Hair & Make-Up: Andy Dyo. Styling: Ema Mendes. Model: Joana Castro (Elite Lisbon Modeling Agency).

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Bringing to life a spectacular portfolio of Portugal's tile masterworks | A Tale of Tiles w/ José Maria Pimentel and Maria Maria



Tiles are one of Portugal’s most beloved art forms and traditions. They tell the tale of its people, and add to its beautiful landscape. Photographer José Maria Pimentel has spent years creating a spectacular portfolio of the country’s tile masterworks. With the help of his daughter, designer Maria Maria, his work has been put into a perspective for Bainha de Copas, which we have used to create our Tale of Tiles collection.

Lookbook: Photographer: Rui Vieira. Assistant: Maria João Gonçalves. Hair and Make-up: Andy Dyo. Styling: Maria Maria. Model: Anna Gonçalves (Elite Lisbon Modeling Agency). Special participation: Little Carlota

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