Shipping method(s) and costs

Regular Mail

Bainha de Copas products can be sent by regular mail. However, shipping by regular mail is not insured, so we cannot be responsible for any lost or damaged products, nor can we refund it.


Registered Mail

To better check your package location of your order in real time, we recommend that you select the Registerd Mail option (with order tracking information).


European countries, registered mail 
Order weight | less than 500gr = €6.00
Order weight | 500gr - 999gr = 10.15€
Order weight | 1000gr - 2000gr = 15.50€

Countries outside of Europe, registered mail
Order weight | less than 500 = 9.80€
Order weight |  500gr - 999gr = 16.60€
Order weight | 1000gr - 2000gr = 24.30€


International orders

We will be able to ship our products virtually anywhere in the world. If there is any question about your destination, contact us: