Versatile Etérea Top
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Versatile Etérea Top

Versatile Etérea Top

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Etérea Top

This design combines two original “azulejo” tiles that form a visually expressive pattern. "Amadeo’s Blue", as it’s called, pays homage to Amadeo Souza-Cardoso of Portugal, who painted "Oceano Vermelhão Azul”.


Find it here:

1. Rua do Regedor | 2. Rua Marquês Ponte de Lima



As our next chapter in keeping with traditional Portuguese “Azulejaria” (tile making), we brought to light the ability to combine an artistic treasure and ancient heritage, with a contemporary sense of style. To bring an even greater life to our patterns, many of our garments have a symbol which will lead you to where the original tiles are. Follow the heart to see what you’re wearing.



Option 100% Linen

Linen is a natural fibre, obtained from the flax plant. Probably the first material used for garments, it was considered the fabric of kings for its characteristics. 100% biodegradable and anti-allergenic, it is especially light and soft.


100% Modal (front) + 100% Viscose (back)

Modal is a fibre 100% composed of chlorine-free treated cellulose. Modal remains soft even after many washes. It has an excellent ability to let the skin breathe, is a very light fabric and has a brightly and silky coloured finish. Viscose was patented in 1892, it was developed in order to replace pure silk. It is an artificial textile fibre, produced from paper pulp which originates from bark, in a process that involves treating and filtrating it until fine threads are obtained and then woven. We choose Viscose because of its comfort, softness, lightness and suitability for warm climates.


Care instructions

Wash inside-out. Machine wash 30ºC max. Dry in the shade
. Do not dry clean
. Iron at a low temperature 110ºC max.


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