A Tale of Tiles Constelar Top
A Tale of Tiles Constelar Top
A Tale of Tiles Constelar Top

A Tale of Tiles Constelar Top

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To achieve an adventurous elegance, wear this Bainha top with classic single tone denim jeans, a beautiful brown leather belt, blue oxford, and matching denim blazer. Profound elegance.

A Tale of Tiles

Our “A Tale of Tiles” collection was created by Bainha de Copas and Maria Maria, using photographs shot by Jose Maria Pimentel of Portuguese tile master works. This collection is intended to create a lasting tribute to the visual landscape of this passionate region. We proudly present to you our “A Tale of Tiles” Constelar Top.



Option 100% Linen

Linen is a natural fiber that was once considered the fabric of kings. It is obtained from the flax plant, and its history goes back thousands of years. Especially light and soft, it is 100% biodegradable and anti-allergenic.

Option 100% Modal (front) + viscose (back)

Modal is a natural fiber, 100% composed of chlorine-free treated cellulose. It remains soft even after many washes, and has excellent breathability and a lightweight. Our modal is brightly colored in a silky finish.

Viscose was patented in 1892, and was developed to replace pure silk. It is an artificial textile fiber produced from paper pulp in a process that involves treating and filtrating until fine threads are obtained and then woven. We choose Viscose because of its comfort, softness, lightness and suitability for warm climates.

Care instructions

Wash inside out. Machine wash up to 86ºF. Dry in shade. Do not dry clean. Low temperature iron up to 230ºF

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