Your Story by Bainha

This is the space where interpretation truly comes in.

We interpret something special to someone, be it a person, place or institution, and use colors, patterns, shapes, textures and questions to be worn. That is what “Your Story by Bainha” does. We work towards making a personal or particular story relevant, highlighting the details, focusing our creative efforts on a result where the happiness and meaning of each story is beautiful, shareable, timeless and tangible.

Childhood Memories is a special collection inspired by a set of drawings that, between the ages of 7 and 14, a special boy, Nuno Canas Mendes, made. Our thesis: just as he drew, with detail and precision, he now observes, listens and writes. The collection conclusion or starting point is simple and inspired by pure reality: what you are as a child will, sooner or later, manifest when you are an adult. Let yourself get carried away by the child you once were.



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